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As 3D printing is a relatively new phenomena there is a lot of excitement going on about all the possibilities this process opens up. So the question to ask is 3D print a guitar? Answer; Absolutely!!! 3D Printing also known as Additive Manufacturing is  a process where successive layers are laid down or “printed” in different shapes until a pre-programed object emerges seemingly out of nowhere. The applications of this process seem to be never ending. From machine parts to revolvers, to body parts, loud speakers and beyond. Now a new generation of  printed guitars are coming about and they are truly very cool and inspiring. Of course at this stage, it is mostly the bodies that are 3D printed while a lot of conventional manufacturing still goes into the rest of the process.

Successive Layers are Laid Down or “Printed”

Successive Layers are laid down or “Printed”


The guitar bodies are 3D printed. Conventional materials are also used.


As Olaf Diegel states in an article by Todd Halterman October 20, 2013 “On A High Note – Olaf Diegal’s 3D Printed Guitars: ;

“Look at my guitars. The bodies are 3D printed, but the necks and inner cores are CNC machined. The bridge and tuning heads are cast. My inlay is done with laser engraving and cutting. Some of the plastic bits are injection molded. They use almost every manufacturing technology under the sun.”

The electronics and hardware on these creations are still pretty much standard fare but that takes nothing away from the collective endpoint that results in a truly functional work of art where the imagination is the limit and the coolness factor unlimited.

Les Paul Bodies are 3D Printed

The Les Paul bodies are 3D printed, but the necks and inner cores are CNC machined



A very cool 3D printed acoustic guitar.


In fact there is a very cool 3D printed acoustic guitar as well!!

Very Cool 3D Printed Acoustic Guitar

Very cool 3D printed acoustic guitar

 3D Printing. The Future is Today!!

As it turns out this process of 3D printing is poised to be a real game changer not only in general but for guitar manufacturing as well. This is just the beginning. Possibly very soon, the entire guitar; body, neck, pickups and wiring might be created simply by programming your computer to do so. Want a Les Paul, Stratocaster or Telecaster? Grab a Miller 64 and hit the “print” button!!!

Behold! The future is today!!


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