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So simple….“Why didn’t I think of that?!!”


Once in a while something really simple in concept come along that is executed so excellently that it beckons the question; “Why didn’t I think of that?!!” The Jekeko Wah fixed variable wah is one of those simple but great devices.

Jekeko Wah Fixed Variable Wah Pedal.

Jekeko Wah Fixed Variable Wah Pedal. Find and “park” your tone!

Jekeko Wah Fixed Varibal Wah

Jekeko Wah Fixed Varible Wah Pedal.  Photos cannot capture the beautiful Sparkling Emerald Green.



All of us have played through wah pedals at one time or another and appreciate the sound of the physical movement of the pedal as an extension of our emotions as translated into guitar leads. Yes, the original wah concept was an enormous addition to what at the time was a quite Spartan array of available effects; i.e. reverb, tremolo, ( the very cool pitch changing vibrato unique to Magnatone amps ), and the fledgling fuzz. This was a game changer. Between the extremes of the available range on the wah pedal there also was a plethora of available tones to be experimented with and enjoyed in between. And so not only did we want to simply to wah/wah away ad infinitum, we wanted to get tones that were otherwise unavailable and we did so by being able to simply find a good setting, leave the pedal there because with the Jekeko Wah  you can “Park” your tone!



Capture the famous Vox Super Beatle Amp MRB magic and get John Lennon’s hollow “I Feel Fine: lead tone.


My original wah pedal was a Vox and I loved it. Funny how when I was a kid and had to save up for my toys that I was never reluctant to loan them out. Yep I really loved that Vox wah until it was never returned to me. That hurt!! Anyway, one of my favorite things that I used to like to do with this pedal was to simulate the mid range boost or “MRB” magic of the famous Vox Super Beatle Amp and get John Lennon’s hollow tone as used for the intro lead on “I Feel Fine”. This tone was also used elsewhere by The Beatles and to me it was ultra cool.  So I would engage the wah and slowly treadle the pedal until I hit what I thought was the best approximation of the sound, “park” the pedal  and  play away. It really did sound great!


“Park” your tone!

Okay so now you get the premise about “parking” your tone. The problem is that this is kind of awkward to do in the middle of a song to say the least. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a pedal that you could simple dial in whatever tone in the wah spectrum you were looking for, park your tone, and then have it set and ready to go all with the push of a foot switch? Enter the Jekeko Wah! pedal is exactly what I was looking for and I assume what you boys and girls also might be looking for as well. This pedal allows you to park your wah tone anywhere and also boost it as well. So simple but so effective. There are also internal adjustments allowable to further tweak and personalize this pedal but even as is, I love it. An LED to let you know when the pedal is engaged is also a nice touch, and for the purists the foot switchable circuit is a true bypass design.


Jekeko Wah. Fixed Variable Wah. expensive but worth it.


A metal bud box style cabinet finished in sparkled deep emerald green that offsets the white chicken head knobs, no photo seems to do this pedal justice. In any case it will take up relatively little space on your pedal board and is one  those superior pedals that  at $189.00 plus shipping fall into the category of expensive but worth it and because you drink Miller 64 instead of expensive Heinekens you know you won’t feel guilty for wanting it. So go ahead, add one of these great Jekeko Wah Fixed Variable Wah pedals to your arsenal find that great sound and “Park” your tone!




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