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Food and drink are not quite up there with “all things guitar and gear” but really do indeed qualify as they are part or the overall recipe. And speaking of recipes I have a great easy one for chicken on the grill indeed!! So as we celebrate this holiday season let us behold good food, good, drink, and a Fender Strat. Merry Christmas!!! My choice weapon for the evening is my 1990 Fender Stratocaster Plus which I purchased new and is in clean, mint condition. You could eat your dinner off this guitar it is so clean, but of course the barbequed chicken would probably slide off on to the floor so I don’t think it might be a good idea. I also hope you like my Christmas tree. As one of my guests said;… “Nice! Hey man, you go all out!!!”..hahahahaha!!!! 


Chicken, Spirits, and a Fender Stratocaster

Chicken, spirits and a Fender Stratocaster make for great dinner company!


Tonight is about guitars, spirits, and beautifully marinated chicken roasted to perfection on the grill.

I know you might consider the close ups of my chicken breasts either most beautiful or quite disgusting. I would like to set the moment straight in that as I totally appreciate PETA and the Vegans. However tonight,….. this is about uhh,… guitars, spirits, and beautifully marinated chicken roasted to perfection on the grill despite that it is below freezing outside. As they say at the beginning of many programs; “Possible  Disturbing Content. Parental Advisement Advised”.  And so this is the disclaimer; “If you don’t like recipes for cooked animal flesh, move on at this “pernt”. If not; BEHOLD my very simply and effective knock out approach to barbeque roasted chicken that will knock you and your guests off their collective heels!!!

Christmas Chicken 2013

Split Chicken Breast Marinated to perfection and ready to be grilled


Anything can be parted out now a days; guitars, cars, and chickens……

This can be done with any type of animal flesh AKA meat, but it works especially well with chicken. Any chicken part will do but I prefer split breasts and thighs as my favorites. Can you imagine that the Industrial SCAVENGERS not only part out guitars, (??!!! ) they also part out CHICKENS!??!!! YESS!!!! Breasts, thighs, wings, legs, backs, Fender Stratocasters, and hopefully not quite so soon, you and me to make SOYLENT GREEN!!!  Yipes!!!!!



Question this? Yes they do!! In fact ANYthing that can be parted out for a profit can and will be done, and you guys might have thought this concept was only limited to motor vehicle Chop Shops, yeah??!! Well, it even gets worse. I f you are in a “T”Turd World or a  “T”urd and a Third World country, your body parts might be parted out as well, and against you will, however,… I told all of you that I will keep this discussion NON Political as promised on my Blog and that is where I will leave that horrible note, okay?


 EXTREMELY SIMPLE  but TOTALLY KICK ASS  chicken marinade.

And so we get back to my EXTREMELY SIMPLE  but TOTALLY KICK ASS  chicken marinade that you can concoct while also playing your favorite guitar be it a beloved Fender Stratocaster,…  or another…..


This is like one of those diets they tell you that you don’t have to count calories because with this recipe you don’t have to cut or measure ANYTHING!!! And each time it will come out slighthly different but always BEAUTIFUL!! Trust me.


MMMmmmmm got my chicken ready to go.


Here is the “secret” recipe;….


 Every batch of marinade will taste slightly different but you will indeed love each batch.

 Get your chicken that you want to cook and clean. Once clean get one of those hug gallon Zip Lock type bags and load the chicken. Add the following ingredients and it doesn’t matter how much or how little as you simply cannot make a mistake. Yes!!! Every batch of marinade will taste slightly different but you will indeed love each batch and the only regret will be that you did not write down to millileter what generated the exact mix. It ALWAYS comes out great unless you GREATly over indulge in a particulira ingredient.


Okay so here it is.


Once you have your chicken parts in said Zip Lock bag ( note that you can also do this for a complete chicken, oven stuffer, or Turkey utilizing one of those  roasting bags realily available, you add the following ingredients as much or as little as you want.


I find that a few Miller 64’s helps me with the amount of anything that I want to add Emeril Lagasse style “BAM” and get thus get the juices rolling toward a great crop of barbeque roasted chicken.


Okay you have your chicken in the bag.


Add these easily available over the counter ingredients and remember that is does not count how much. Experiment!!!


1)      Balsamic vinegar

2)      Black Pepper

3)      Hot red pepper  ( BE careful!!! )

4)      A “shot” or two of oil. Your choice. Avoid Castrol GTX as it smokes a bit, and Mobil 1 never boils!

I prefer Canola.

        5)   Basil   

        6) Oregano

        7) Garlic in ANY form that you can get it. Fresh crushed is the best but 99 Cent “Spice Aisle” Garlic powder also WORKS!!

        8) Your favorite barbeque sauce.


Mix the ingredients as your Miller 64 and either cheap Scotch or expensive Single Malt dictates  to the voices in your head.

That’s it. If you can find an ingredient called McCormick Grill Mates MONTREAL CHICKEN SEASONING, go for it and add a “dash”.  Great stuff, but without it you will still be a “star”, trust me!!

Also trust me that if you at least have ANY of the above ingredients and mix the ingredients as your Miller 64 and either cheap Scotch or expensive Single Malt dictates to the voices in your head you really cannot lose!!!! You can also add a shot of scotch and a bit of beer if you want. Very flexible and so this recipe really beckons you to experiment. I prefer to let this marinade soak in for about 24 hours but even just a few hours is fine.


Any type of grill be it gas, electric, or charcoal will do.

Once you are ready to cook, fire up and pre heat your grill. Any type of grill be it gas, electric, or charcoal will do. I personally use an electric grill but place a few pieces of hardwood charcoal on the burners to get that authentic charcoal barbeque flavor. On full blast with the cover closed I will soon be at 400 degrees which is perfect. Place the chicken breasts bone side down and let them cook for a bit. I usually let them cook for about 10 minutes during which time I am doing some of the prep clean up and cracking open a Miller 64 or in today’s case a Miller Lite. Hey, it’s the holidaze. A wee bit of Scotch is also in order.


Christmas Chicken Grilling to Perfection

Christmas Chicken Grilling to Perfection

You do NOT want to exceed an internal of 180 degrees unless you like to chew on shoe leather.


Okay 10 minutes later I dress the tops of the chicken with some barbeque sauce and then flip them over for another 10 minutes. Occasionally I will check the doneness with a meat thermometer. You do NOT want to exceed an internal of 180 degrees unless you like to chew on shoe leather. When the chicken chops just reach 170, I dress the top side with barbeque sauce, flip the pieces and kill the electric power to the grill. Being that it is abou 29 degrees outside the grill starts to cool quickly however the coals are still quite hot and continue to cook the chicken to the desired doneness. What is nice about this approach is that you minimize the chances of overdoing the chicken and allows you to play your Fender Stratocaster for a few minutes more before going backout to harvest the hot and perfectly cooked chicken.


Christmas Chicken Roasted To Perfection

Christmas Chicken Roasted to Perfection



Don’t you just hate mushy veggies?!


Take you perfectly barbequed chicken and slice the breast like London Broil. Exquisitely delicious. I served it with a mix of steamed broccoli, brussel sprouts, and carrots all done al dente. Don’t you just hate mushy veggies?!


Christmas Chicken Sliced London Broil Style

Christmas Chicken Sliced London Broil Style into beautiful Medallions.

Barbeque Chicken With Sides

Barbequed Chicken with Sides. Miller Lite is not only for breakfast or side dishes, you know… haha!

So that’s it. Oh yeah, you can take any left over chicken, slice it up and put it over a salad the following night.  



Good luck and







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